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Synonyms: Fontogammarus; Grammarus; Lagunogammarus; Rivulogammarus

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Gammarus is an amphipod crustacean genus in the family Gammaridae. It contains more than 200 described species, making it one of the most speciose genera of crustaceans. Different species have different optimal conditions, particularly in terms of salinity, and different tolerances; Gammarus pulex, for instance, is a purely freshwater species, while Gammarus locusta is estuarine, only living where the salinity is greater than 25‰. The following species are included:
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Gammarus abscisus
Gammarus abstrusus
Gammarus acalceolatus
Gammarus accolae
Gammarus accretus
Gammarus acherondytes (Illinois cave amphipod) (Endangered)
Gammarus aequicauda
Gammarus agrarius
Gammarus albimanus
Gammarus alius
Gammarus alsaticus
Gammarus altus
Gammarus amabilis
Gammarus anatoliensis
Gammarus angulatus
Gammarus angusticoxalis
Gammarus annulatus
Gammarus anodon
Gammarus aoculus
Gammarus araxenius
Gammarus arduus
Gammarus argaeus
Gammarus asper
Gammarus baengnyeongensis
Gammarus bakhteyaricus
Gammarus balcanicus
Gammarus baloutchi
Gammarus balutchi
Gammarus barnaulensis
Gammarus baysali
Gammarus belli
Gammarus benignus
Gammarus beningus
Gammarus bergi
Gammarus birsteini
Gammarus bitaensis
Gammarus bosniacus
Gammarus bousfieldi (Bousfield amphipod) (Vulnerable)
Gammarus brevicornis
Gammarus brevipodus
Gammarus breviramus
Gammarus bucharensis
Gammarus caecigenus
Gammarus campylops
Gammarus caparti
Gammarus caucasicus
Gammarus chaohuensis
Gammarus chevreuxi
Gammarus chimkenti
Gammarus chostensis
Gammarus citatus
Gammarus clarus
Gammarus cohabitus
Gammarus colei
Gammarus comosus
Gammarus craspedotrichus
Gammarus crenulatus
Gammarus crinicaudatus
Gammarus crinicornis
Gammarus crispus
Gammarus cryptoparechiniformis
Gammarus cryptosalemaai
Gammarus cryptotatrensis
Gammarus curvativus
Gammarus dabanus
Gammarus dacicus
Gammarus daiberi
Gammarus dalmatinus
Gammarus decorosus
Gammarus denticulatus
Gammarus deryae
Gammarus desperatus (Bitter Lakes amphipod) (Critically Endangered)
Gammarus dorsosetosus
Gammarus duebeni
Gammarus dulensis
Gammarus echinatus
Gammarus edwardsi
Gammarus effultus
Gammarus egmao
Gammarus egregius
Gammarus electrus
Gammarus elevatus
Gammarus eliquatus
Gammarus elvirae
Gammarus emeiensis
Gammarus fasciatus (Attributes)
Gammarus flabellifera
Gammarus fontinalis
Gammarus fossarum (mountain riverine amphipod)
Gammarus frater
Gammarus frigidus
Gammarus furcicornis
Gammarus gageoensis
Gammarus galgosensis
Gammarus gauthieri
Gammarus glaber
Gammarus glabratus
Gammarus goedmakersae
Gammarus gonensis
Gammarus gonggaensis
Gammarus gracilis
Gammarus gregoryi
Gammarus halilicae
Gammarus hamaticornis
Gammarus hegmatanensis
Gammarus hirsutus
Gammarus hirtellus
Gammarus hoboksar
Gammarus hongyuanensis
Gammarus hoonsooi
Gammarus hyalelloides (diminutive amphipod) (Vulnerable)
Gammarus hypolithicus
Gammarus ibericus
Gammarus ilamensis
Gammarus illustris
Gammarus inaequicauda
Gammarus inberbus
Gammarus incoercitus
Gammarus inopinatus
Gammarus insensibilis
Gammarus italicus
Gammarus izmirensis
Gammarus jacksoni
Gammarus jaspidus
Gammarus jazdzewskii
Gammarus jenneri
Gammarus jidutanxian
Gammarus kamtschaticus
Gammarus kangdingensis
Gammarus kasymovi
Gammarus katagani
Gammarus kesanensis
Gammarus kesslerianus
Gammarus kischineffensis
Gammarus komareki
Gammarus korbuensis
Gammarus koreanus
Gammarus koshovi
Gammarus kozhowi <Unverified Name>
Gammarus kyonggiensis
Gammarus laborifer
Gammarus lacustris
Gammarus langi
Gammarus lasaensis
Gammarus laticoxalis
Gammarus lawrencianus
Gammarus lecroyae
Gammarus ledoyeri
Gammarus leopoliensis
Gammarus lichuanensis
Gammarus limnaeus
Gammarus limosus
Gammarus liuruiyui
Gammarus lobifer
Gammarus locusta
Gammarus loeffleri
Gammarus longdong
Gammarus longipedis
Gammarus longisaeta
Gammarus lophacanthus
Gammarus lordeganensis
Gammarus lychnidensis
Gammarus macedonicus
Gammarus madidus
Gammarus malpaisensis
Gammarus margcomosus
Gammarus marmouchensis
Gammarus maroccanus
Gammarus martensi
Gammarus martynovi
Gammarus matienus
Gammarus microps
Gammarus minus
Gammarus mladeni
Gammarus monospeliensis
Gammarus monspeliensis
Gammarus montaniformis
Gammarus montanus
Gammarus monticellus
Gammarus mosuo
Gammarus mucronatus
Gammarus mukudai
Gammarus murarius
Gammarus nekkensis
Gammarus ninglangensis
Gammarus nipponensis
Gammarus nox
Gammarus nudus
Gammarus obnixus
Gammarus obruki
Gammarus oceanicus
Gammarus ocellatus
Gammarus ochridensis
Gammarus odaensis
Gammarus odettae
Gammarus oeningensis
Gammarus orinos
Gammarus oronticus
Gammarus osellai
Gammarus pageti
Gammarus palustris
Gammarus paraorientalis
Gammarus parechiniformis
Gammarus paricrenatus
Gammarus parthicus
Gammarus parvioculatus
Gammarus parvioculus
Gammarus paucispinus
Gammarus pauxillus
Gammarus pavo
Gammarus paynei
Gammarus pecos (Pecos amphipod) (Vulnerable)
Gammarus pellucidus
Gammarus percalacustris
Gammarus pexus
Gammarus pisinnus
Gammarus plaitisi
Gammarus platvoeti
Gammarus pljakici
Gammarus praecipuus
Gammarus praecyrius
Gammarus preciosus
Gammarus pretzmanni
Gammarus pseudoanatoliensis
Gammarus pseudolimnaeus
Gammarus pseudosyriacus
Gammarus pulex (Freshwater shrimp)
Gammarus qiani
Gammarus qinling
Gammarus rambouseki
Gammarus retzi
Gammarus rifatlensis
Gammarus riparius
Gammarus rivalis
Gammarus roeselii (lacustrine shrimp)
Gammarus rouxi
Gammarus salemaai
Gammarus salinus
Gammarus sangirdaki
Gammarus seideli
Gammarus semicarinatus
Gammarus sepidannus
Gammarus setosus
Gammarus shanxiensis
Gammarus shenmuensis
Gammarus shirazinus
Gammarus sichuanensis
Gammarus silendus
Gammarus simplex
Gammarus sinuolatus
Gammarus sirvannus
Gammarus sketi
Gammarus sobaegensis
Gammarus solidus
Gammarus somaemulensis
Gammarus soyoensis
Gammarus spelaeus
Gammarus spetsbergensis
Gammarus spinipalmus
Gammarus spooneri
Gammarus stagnarius
Gammarus stalagmiticus
Gammarus stankokaramani
Gammarus stasiuki
Gammarus stojicevici
Gammarus stupendus
Gammarus subaequalis
Gammarus subtypicus
Gammarus suifunensis
Gammarus syriacus
Gammarus sywulai
Gammarus takesensis
Gammarus taliensis
Gammarus tatrensis
Gammarus tauricus
Gammarus teletzkensis
Gammarus tenellus
Gammarus tenuis
Gammarus tianshan
Gammarus tigrinus
Gammarus topkarai
Gammarus tranquillus
Gammarus translucidus
Gammarus troglomorphus
Gammarus troglophilus
Gammarus turanus
Gammarus uludagi
Gammarus ustaoglui
Gammarus validus
Gammarus vallecula
Gammarus varsoviensis
Gammarus vignai
Gammarus wangbangensis
Gammarus wautieri
Gammarus wilkitzkii
Gammarus xianfengensis
Gammarus zaddachi
Gammarus zagrosensis
Gammarus zeongogensis
Gammarus zhigangi
Gammarus zhouqiongi

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0