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Orconectes (American crayfish)

Wikipedia Abstract

Orconectes is a genus of freshwater crayfish, native to the eastern United States. It includes the rusty crayfish, an invasive species in North America, and Orconectes limosus, an invasive species in Europe.
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Orconectes australis (Southern cave crayfish)
Orconectes barri (Cumberland Plateau Cave Crayfish)
Orconectes incomptus (Tennessee cave crayfish) (Vulnerable)
Orconectes inermis (Ghost Crayfish)
Orconectes packardi (Cave Crayfish) (Endangered)
Orconectes pellucidus (Mammoth Cave crayfish)
Orconectes sheltae (Shelta Cave crayfish) (Critically Endangered)

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