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Hexanchus (Sixgill shark)


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The sixgill sharks are a genus, Hexanchus, of deepwater sharks in the family Hexanchidae. These sharks are characterized by a broad, pointed head, six pairs of gill slits, comb-like, yellow lower teeth, and a long tail. It can grow up to 8 m long and weigh over 600 kg (1320 lb). They are abyssal plain scavengers with a keen sense of smell and are among the first to arrive at carrion, together with hagfish and rattails. They show a characteristic rolling motion of the head when feeding. They have been found at depths to 2,500 ft (760 m).
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Hexanchus griseus (Bluntnose six-gill shark) (Attributes)
Hexanchus nakamurai (Six-gill shark)
Notidanus gigas
Notidanus microdon

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