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Galathea (Lobster)

Synonyms: Calypso; Galataea; Janira

Wikipedia Abstract

Galathea is one of the largest genera of squat lobsters, containing 70 currently recognised species (17 in the Atlantic Ocean, 22 in the Indian Ocean and 43 in the Pacific Ocean). Most species of Galathea live in shallow waters.
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Galathea acerata
Galathea acis
Galathea aculeata
Galathea aegyptiaca
Galathea aequata
Galathea affinis
Galathea ahyongi
Galathea albatrossae
Galathea algae
Galathea amamiensis
Galathea amboinensis
Galathea anepipoda
Galathea anoplos
Galathea anouchkae
Galathea antiqua
Galathea argus
Galathea atua
Galathea australiensis
Galathea autahi
Galathea babai
Galathea balssi
Galathea barbata
Galathea barbellata
Galathea bengala
Galathea berica
Galathea bidens
Galathea bimaculata
Galathea boisselierae
Galathea bolivari
Galathea boninensis
Galathea boucheti
Galathea bracteosa
Galathea brevimana
Galathea caesariata
Galathea capillata
Galathea caporiondoi
Galathea celiae
Galathea cenarroi
Galathea cephyra
Galathea ceti
Galathea chura
Galathea ciliosa
Galathea clarki
Galathea connudata
Galathea consobrina
Galathea continua
Galathea corallicola
Galathea coralliophilus
Galathea corbariae
Galathea cretacea
Galathea crinita
Galathea cymbulaerostris
Galathea cymo
Galathea cymothoe
Galathea defecta
Galathea denticulata
Galathea dispersa
Galathea echinata
Galathea eione
Galathea eminens
Galathea eridani
Galathea erythrina
Galathea eucrante
Galathea eulimene
Galathea eupompe
Galathea faiali
Galathea formosa
Galathea furfurea
Galathea galene
Galathea ganindo
Galathea genkai
Galathea gladiola
Galathea gnoma
Galathea gruis
Galathea guttata
Galathea halia
Galathea hexacristata
Galathea hispida
Galathea hispidissima
Galathea homologa
Galathea hydrae
Galathea imitata
Galathea inconspicua
Galathea inermis
Galathea inflata
Galathea intermedia
Galathea johnsoni
Galathea keijii
Galathea kuboi
Galathea labidolepta
Galathea latirostris
Galathea lemaitrei
Galathea lemniscata
Galathea lenis
Galathea lepidota
Galathea leporis
Galathea leptocheir
Galathea lingadua
Galathea longimana
Galathea longimanoides
Galathea longioculata
Galathea lovarica
Galathea lumaria
Galathea lupiae
Galathea machadoi
Galathea machaera
Galathea machordomae
Galathea maculiabdominalis
Galathea magnifica
Galathea mainensis
Galathea mariae
Galathea mauritiana
Galathea melobosis
Galathea micra
Galathea minima
Galathea minutiae
Galathea multicristata
Galathea multilineata
Galathea nasimae
Galathea nexa
Galathea nuda
Galathea ohshimai
Galathea omanensis
Galathea orientalis
Galathea paleroi
Galathea parroceli
Galathea parva
Galathea parvula
Galathea pascualae
Galathea patae
Galathea patriciae
Galathea paucilineata
Galathea paulae
Galathea paulayi
Galathea pauxilla
Galathea peitho
Galathea perone
Galathea phalangis
Galathea pilosa
Galathea platycheles
Galathea ploto
Galathea politula
Galathea polydora
Galathea polyphemus
Galathea poupini
Galathea profunda
Galathea providentia
Galathea psila
Galathea pubescens
Galathea pubipes
Galathea punctata
Galathea quinquespinosa
Galathea rangi
Galathea raventosae
Galathea rhaphidia
Galathea robusta
Galathea rostrata
Galathea rubrispina
Galathea rubromaculata
Galathea rufipes
Galathea ryuguu
Galathea sahariana
Galathea samadiae
Galathea sanctae
Galathea scamparellus
Galathea schnabelae
Galathea scolopia
Galathea senta
Galathea sentosa
Galathea setigera
Galathea simulata
Galathea sinensis
Galathea spinimanus
Galathea spinosorostris
Galathea squamea
Galathea squamifera (Lobster)
Galathea strigifera
Galathea strigosa (Squat lobster)
Galathea submagnifica
Galathea subsquamata
Galathea substriata
Galathea tagaloa
Galathea tagaro
Galathea tanegashimae
Galathea ternatensis
Galathea tongi
Galathea tribulosa
Galathea tropis
Galathea valmaranensis
Galathea venusta
Galathea villosa
Galathea vitiensis
Galathea waiora
Galathea weinfurteri
Galathea whiteleggii
Galathea wolffi
Galathea yamashitai

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