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Elasmobranchii (sharks and rays) Endangered

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Elasmobranchii (/ɪˌlæzməˈbræŋkiaɪ/) is a subclass of Chondrichthyes or cartilaginous fish. Members of this subclass are characterised by having five to seven pairs of gill clefts opening individually to the exterior, rigid dorsal fins and small placoid scales on the skin. The teeth are in several series; the upper jaw is not fused to the cranium, and the lower jaw is articulated with the upper. The details of this jaw anatomy vary between species, and help distinguish the different elasmobranch clades. The pelvic fins in males are modified to create claspers for the transfer of sperm. There is no swim bladder, instead these fish maintain buoyancy with large livers rich in oil.
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Carcharhiniformes (ground sharks) (53)
Lamniformes (mackerel sharks) (5)
Myliobatiformes (57)
Orectolobiformes (carpet sharks) (5)
Rajiformes (rays, sawfishes, and skates) (21)
Rhinopristiformes (37)
Squaliformes (Sharks) (16)
Squatiniformes (Angel sharks) (12)
Torpediniformes (Electric rays) (8)

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