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Rajiformes (rays, sawfishes, and skates)

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Rajiformes is one of the four orders in the superorder Batoidea, flattened cartilaginous fishes related to sharks. Rajiforms are distinguished by the presence of greatly enlarged pectoral fins, which reach as far forward as the sides of the head, with a generally flattened body. The undulatory pectoral fin motion diagnostic to this taxon is known as rajiform locomotion. The eyes and spiracles are located on the upper surface of the head and the gill slits are on the underside of the body. Most species give birth to live young, although some lay eggs with a horny capsule ("mermaid's purse").
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Anacanthobatidae (16)
Archaeobatidae (7)
Arhynchobatidae (106)   (2)
Rajidae (rays and skates) (209)   (12)
Sclerorhynchidae (33)
Spathobatidae (1)


Breviacanthus (1)
Dynatobatis (1)
Engaibatis (1)
Euryarthra (2)
Jurobatos (1)
Myeladaphus (1)
Parapalaeobates (2)
Peyeria (1)
Rhombopterygia (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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