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Lamnidae (mackerel sharks, porbeagles, and white sharks)

Synonyms: Carcharodontinae; Isuridae; Limnaea (pro parte)

Wikipedia Abstract

The Lamnidae are the family of mackerel or white sharks. They are large, fast-swimming sharks, found in oceans worldwide. The name of the family is formed from the Greek word, lamna, which means fish of prey, and was derived from the Greek legendary creature, the Lamia.
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Alopecias (1)
Carcharocles (2)
Carcharodon (Great white shark) (30)
Carcharoides (4)
Corax (1)
Cosmopolitodus (2)
Isurus (shortfin mako) (12)   (2)
Lamna (26)
Otodus (14)
Oxyprinichthys (2)
Parotodus (2)
Squalicorax (30)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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