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Gymnophiona (caecilians) Endangered

Wikipedia Abstract

Gymnophiona is the group of amphibians that includes the legless caecilians and all amphibians more closely related to them than to frogs or salamanders (the "stem-caecilians"). The name derives from the Greek words γυμνος (gymnos, naked) and οφις (ophis, snake), as the caecilians were originally thought to be related to snakes.
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Caeciliidae (caecilians) (1)
Herpelidae (5)
Ichthyophiidae (Asiatic tailed caecilians) (2)
Indotyphlidae (2)
Rhinatrematidae (neotropical tailed caecilians) (2)
Scolecomorphidae (2)

(...) = Species count

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