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Hydromantes (web-toed salamanders)

Synonyms: Hydromantoides

Wikipedia Abstract

Hydromantes, commonly referred to as web-toed salamanders, is a genus of the lungless salamander family, Plethodontidae; they achieve respiration through their skin and the tissues lining their mouth. They are endemic to northern California, USA. Salamanders of this genus are distinguished in having extremely long tongues that they can project to 80% of their body length. Similar species endemic to southern France and Italy are now classified in a distinct genus, Speleomantes.
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Hydromantes brunus (Limestone Salamander) (Attributes)
Hydromantes platycephalus (Mount Lyell Salamander) (Attributes)
Hydromantes samweli
Hydromantes shastae (Shasta Salamander) (Attributes)
Hydromantes wintu (Wintu Shasta Salamander) (Vulnerable)

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