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Ciconia (Old World storks)

Synonyms: Dissoura; Dissura; Euxenura

Wikipedia Abstract

Ciconia is a genus of birds in the stork family. The genus name is the Latin word for "stork", and was originally recorded in the works of Horace and Ovid. Six of the seven living species occur in the Old World, but the maguari stork has a South American range. In addition, fossils suggest that Ciconia storks were somewhat more common in the tropical Americas in prehistoric times. These storks feed on frogs, insects, young birds, lizards and rodents. They fly with the neck outstretched, like most other storks, but unlike herons which retract their neck in flight.
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Ciconia abdimii (Abdim's Stork) (Attributes)
Ciconia boyciana (Oriental Stork) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Ciconia ciconia (White Stork) (Attributes)
Ciconia episcopus (Woolly-necked Stork) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Ciconia gaudryi
Ciconia maguari (Maguari Stork) (Attributes)
Ciconia maltha
Ciconia nigra (Black Stork) (Attributes)
Ciconia stormi (Storm's Stork) (Endangered) (Attributes)

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