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Ephippiorhynchus (black-necked and saddle-bill storks)

Synonyms: Xenorhynchus

Wikipedia Abstract

Ephippiorhynchus is a small genus of storks. It contains two living species only, very large birds more than 140 cm tall with a 230–270 cm wingspan. Both are mainly black and white, with huge colourful, mainly red and black bills. The sexes of these species are similarly plumaged, but differ in eye colour. The members of this genus are sometimes called "jabirus", but this properly refers to a close relative from Latin America. The species are:
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Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus (Black-necked Stork) (Attributes)
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis (Saddle-billed Stork) (Attributes)
Ephippiorhynchus tchoufour

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