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Gracula (hill mynas)

Synonyms: Graculus

Wikipedia Abstract

Gracula is a genus of mynas, tropical members of the starling family of birds. Until recently only two species were recognised, G. religiosa and G. ptilogenys; earlier still all Gracula were considered to belong to a very variable species commonly called hill myna. But three additional subspecies of G. religiosa are increasingly being considered distinct species. This genus has representatives in tropical southern Asia from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka east to Indonesia, and the common hill myna, a popular cage bird, has been introduced to the United States.
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Gracula barita
Gracula caerulea
Gracula enganensis (Enggano Hill Myna)
Gracula indica (Southern Hill Myna) (Attributes)
Gracula picata
Gracula ptilogenys (Sri Lanka Hill Myna) (Attributes)
Gracula religiosa (Hill Myna) (Attributes)
Gracula robusta (Nias Hill Myna) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Gracula saularis
Gracula venerata (Tenggara Hill Myna) (Endangered)
Gracula viridis

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