Land Use Data for Latitude 39.25 Longitude -115.75

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Great Basin montane forests ecoregion

Agricultural Land Uses

Grasslands - Extensive pastoralism
Shrubs - Extensive pastoralism
Agriculture - Large scale Irrigation (>25% pixel size)
Sparsely vegetated areas - Extensive pastoralism


Temperate drylands





Growing Period (days)

30 to 59
60 to 89

Soil Types



Plain or plateau
Mountain 1500-2500 m, slope > 2%
Mountain > 2500

Slopes (degrees)

0.5 to 2
2 to 5
5 to 8
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45

Population Density (persons per km2)


Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

5 to 10

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
 Silver, Lead, Zinc, Gold
American ShaftSilver, Lead, Gold
Autumn No. 2Silver
Becky #1Lead
Becky Claims?Lead, Silver
Belleview ClaimsLead, Silver
Berryman Tunnel (Underground)Silver, Gold, Lead
Bull Terrier Patented MinesLead, Gold
Cathedral Canyon AreaIron, Manganese
Charter Tunnel (Underground)Silver, Gold, Lead
Chicago TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Colorado TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Comanche (Underground)Lead, Silver
Commodore Mine (Surface)Silver, Zinc
Decker Flats DepositGold, Silver
Dominic Tunnel (Underground)Gold, Lead, Silver
Easy Junior Mine (Surface)Gold, Silver
Easy Junior Mine (Surface)Gold, Silver, Mercury, Thallium, Antimony, Barium-Barite
Enterprise MineSilver
Fairplay Mine (Underground)Silver
Frazer TunnelGold, Lead, Silver
Frazer Tunnel (Underground)Silver, Gold, Lead
Frenchmans TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Geddes & Bertrand MineSilver, Gold, Iron
Granite TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Gravel Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Green Springs MineGold, Silver
Green Springs Mine (Surface)Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Barium-Barite
Green Springs Plant (Processing Plant)Gold, Silver
Hamilton RangeBarium-Barite
Hunter Ranch Ilmenite ClaimsIron, Titanium, Metal
Jennie A (Underground)Lead, Gold, Copper, Silver
Macintosh TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Macintosh Tunnel (Underground)Silver, Lead, Gold
Magnet ShaftSilver, Gold, Lead
Maryland (Underground)Silver, Copper, Gold, Lead
Mayberry TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Merritt TunnelGold
Mobile & Equality Patented MineSilver, Lead, Copper
Molybdenum OccurrenceMolybdenum
Monte Cristo (Surface-Underground)Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver
Monte CristoTungsten
Monte Cristo DepositsTungsten
Mount Hamilton Mine (Surface)Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tellurium, Bismuth, Arsenic, Antimony
Mt Hamilton (Surface)Gold, Silver
Nighthawk Ridge MineGold, Silver, Mercury, Thallium, Antimony, Barium-Barite
Number Eight MineGold, Copper, Gemstone
Number Eight MineGemstone, Copper, Gold
Pan Mine (Surface)Gold, Silver, Mercury, Thallium, Antimony, Barium-Barite
Queen Mine (Underground)Silver
Ratto Canyon DepositGold
Roberts Tunnel (Underground)Silver, Gold, Lead
Rogers TunnelSilver, Gold, Lead
Silverado (Underground)Silver, Lead, Copper, Gold
South Eureka Property (Surface-Underground)Gold, Zinc, Silver, Lead, Arsenic, Antimony
Sterling TunnelGold, Lead, Silver
Stone Quarries (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Stone Quarriessandstone (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Treasure Hill #71Lead, Silver
Union Carbide Beryl DepositBeryllium, Fluorine-Fluorite, Tungsten
Ward Exploration Co (Underground)Lead, Silver
Williams MineGold, Silver
Winddfall MineGold, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Arsenic, Antimony
Windfall Mine (Surface)Gold, Silver
Young ProspectAntimony, Copper
Young ProspectAntimony

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.