Land Use Data for Latitude 48.25 Longitude -118.25

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Agricultural Land Uses

Grasslands - Mod. intensive pastoralism


Boreal drylands
Temperate drylands

Growing Period (days)

60 to 89
90 to 119

Soil Types

Andosols (Black soils of volcanic landscapes)


Plain or plateau
Mountain 800-1500 m, slope > 5%
Mountain 1500-2500 m, slope > 2%

Slopes (degrees)

2 to 5
5 to 8
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45
above 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

0 to 2
2 to 10

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

2 to 5

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
(Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Acme MineLead, Arsenic, Antimony, Copper, Zinc
AdvanceSilver, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold
Advance (Underground)Silver, Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc
Advance CabinSilver, Lead, Gold, Zinc, Antimony, Copper
AgnilaLead, Silver, Gold, Copper
Aguila (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Copper
Aichan BeeSilver, Lead, Zinc, Copper
Aichen BeeSilver, Lead, Zinc
Aichen Bee Mine (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Albert HallCopper
AlgonkianSilver, Gold
AlgonkinSilver, Gold
Becker - Anderson - KirkwoodTungsten
Becker-Anderson-Kirkwood (Underground)Tungsten
Big BugSilver, Gold
Big ChiefTungsten, Silver, Lead, Molybdenum, Zinc
Big ChiefLead, Zinc, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver
Big Chief (Underground)Iron, Silver, Zinc
Big LakeLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
Big Lake (Underground)Iron, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Black HawkLead, Silver, Antimony, Zinc, Gold
Black HawkLead, Antimony, Silver, Zinc, Gold
Black Hawk (Surface-Underground)Iron, Antimony, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Black Horse StockwellTungsten
Black TailLead
Black Tail (Surface-Underground)Iron
Black ThornLead, Silver, Gold
Black Thorn (Underground)Iron, Gold, Silver
Blanche (Surface-Underground)Silver, Copper
BlandLead, Silver, Copper
Blue BarGold
Blue Bar IslandGold
Blue Bar Island Placer (Placer)Gold
Blue Bar PlacerGold
Blue BirdLead, Silver
Blue Bird (Underground)Iron, Silver
Blue JayLead
Blue Jay (Surface)Iron
Bonanza CopperCopper, Silver, Gold
Boundary ButteAsbestos
Bridge CreekGold
Bridge Creek Placer (Placer)Gold
BrooksSilver, Antimony, Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc
BrooksSilver, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold
BuffaloSilver, Gold
ButterflyLead, Silver, Gold
Butterfly (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
C. F. AllenBarium-Barite
C. F. Allen (Surface-Underground)Talc-Soapstone
C. F. Allen (Surface-Underground)Magnesite
Ceder Canyon (Surface)Barium-Barite
Cf AllenTalc-Soapstone
Cf AllenMagnesite
Cf AllenBarium-Barite
ChanceSilver, Gold
Cherokee StripSilver, Gold
Chief BarnabySilver, Lead, Zinc
Chief Barnaby (Underground)Silver, Antimony, Zinc, Lead
ChlorideLead, Silver
ClarkLimestone, General
ClevelandLead, Zinc, Silver, Antimony
Cleveland MineLead, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver, Antimony
Cleveland Silver Mines, IncLead, Antimony, Silver
Co Ni Prospect (Underground)Cobalt, Nickel, Silver
Cold SpringMolybdenum
Cold SpringLead, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum
Cold Spring (Underground)Lead, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc
ColoradoLead, Silver, Antimony, Gold
ColoradoLead, Silver, Gold
Colorado (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Columbia TungstenTungsten, Molybdenum, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Columbia Tungsten (Underground)Tungsten, Zinc, Gold, Molybdenum, Silver
CubanSilver, Gold, Zinc, Lead
DaisyLead, Copper, Gold, Silver
Daisy - TempestSilver, Copper, Gold, Lead, Antimony
Daisy Placer (Placer)Gold
Dan PatchSilver, Lead, Zinc, Gold
Dan PatchSilver, Zinc, Lead, Gold
Dead ShotLead
Dead Shot (Underground)Iron
Deer TrailZinc, Silver, Lead, Copper
Deer TrailSilver, Lead, Zinc
Deer Trail (Underground)Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper
Deer Trail MonitorMolybdenum, Copper
Deer Trail MonitorCopper, Molybdenum
Deer Trial Monitor (Underground)Molybdenum, Copper
Deertrail-Cedar Canyon GermaniaSilver
Department of Highways (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Dept. of Hwys (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Dept. of Hwys, (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
DillLead, Zinc
DillIron, Zinc
Dixie QueenGold
DrummondLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Drummond (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Eagle NewportSilver, Lead, Copper, Gold, Antimony
EttaLead, Silver, Gold
Etta (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Five HundredSilver, Gold
GalenaSilver, Gold, Lead, Copper
Galena (Underground)Silver, Copper, Gold, Lead
GermaniaTungsten, Molybdenum
Germania MineTungsten, Fluorine-Fluorite, Sulfur-Pyrite, Molybdenum
Germania Mine E DistTungsten
GiantSilver, Lead
Gibson Bar PlacerGold
Gold TwentyGold, Lead, Zinc, Silver
Gold Twenty (Underground)Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc
GoldsmithLead, Zinc
Goldsmith (Underground)Lead
Good OreSilver, Lead, Gold
GrandviewLead, Silver, Gold, Tellurium
Grandview (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Greasy RunLead, Silver, Gold
Greasy Run (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Great EasternLead, Silver
Great ScotLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Great Scott (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
GwinSilver, Copper, Gold, Lead, Tungsten
Hall Creek BasinCopper
Hall LakeLimestone, General
High GradeBarium-Barite
High Grade MineBarium-Barite
HoodooSilver, Lead, Antimony, Copper, Zinc
HoodooSilver, Lead, Zinc, Copper
I.X.L. (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
IdoraLead, Silver, Gold
Idora (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Indian Chief UraniumUranium
Iron Duke (Surface-Underground)Iron
Iron Duke - Iron DuchessIron
IxlLead, Gold, Silver
J.H.E.Lead, Silver, Zinc
JaybirdLead, Silver, Gold
Jaybird (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
JheZinc, Silver, Lead
John Hayes (Underground)Silver, Copper, Gold, Lead
John HaysSilver, Gold, Copper, Lead
Johnny BoyCopper
Johnson PlacerGold
Joslin & Mcallister (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
JudyIron, Chromium
JulietLead, Silver, Gold
Juliet (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Juliet Little TomLead, Antimony, Silver, Gold
Kauffman ClaimBarium-Barite
Kentucky BellLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Kentucky Bell (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
KeystoneLead, Silver, Gold, Copper, Zinc, Antimony
KeystoneCopper, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Lead
Keystone (Underground)Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
King FractionLead
King SolomonLead, Silver, Gold
King Solomon (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
KohlerCopper, Antimony
Kohler (Surface)Copper
Lakeview FractionLead, Silver, Gold
Laura SLead, Gold, Silver, Tellurium
Laura S (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Cadmium
Laurel (Surface)Iron
Lebanon Copper ProspectCopper
Legal TenderLead, Zinc
Legal TenderSilver, Lead
Lime CreekStone, Dimension
Little FrankLead, Zinc, Copper, Silver
Little FrankLead, Antimony, Copper, Zinc
Little Frank (Underground)Lead, Copper, Silver, Zinc
Little JayLead, Silver, Gold
Little Jay (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Lois GreenbeckSilver, Gold
Lone PineLead, Zinc
LongstreetSilver, Antimony, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold
Longstreet - Robert E. LeeGold, Silver, Antimony, Copper, Arsenic, Zinc, Lead
Longstreet-Robert E LeeAntimony
Lucky BoySilver, Lead
Lucky StrikeSilver, Zinc
Markman Talc ProspectTalc-Soapstone
Mason ProspectCopper
May FlowerLead, Silver, Gold
MayflowerLead, Gold, Silver
MessengerLead, Silver
Mineral Hill Mining Co.Barium-Barite, Copper
MonahanCopper, Silver, Gold
Monahan (Underground)Copper, Gold, Silver
MontanaSilver, Zinc, Gold, Lead
MontanaLead, Silver, Zinc, Gold, Antimony
Moonshine - Johny BoySilver, Lead
Moonshine-Johnny Boy (Surface-Underground)Silver, Lead
New YorkLead, Gold, Zinc, Antimony, Silver
New YorkZinc, Silver, Gold, Lead
New York (Surface-Underground)Lead, Silver, Zinc, Gold
Nez PerceLead, Zinc, Copper
Nez Perce CreekCopper
Ninemile CreekLead
Nora J. LeeSilver, Copper, Tungsten
North MonitorLead, Zinc, Silver
North Monitor (Surface-Underground)Silver, Lead, Zinc
Northern (Underground)Silver, Gold
Northern LightSilver, Gold
OhioLead, Silver
Old NellSilver, Antimony, Gold
Old NellAntimony, Silver, Gold
Oom PaulLead, Silver
Oom Paul (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold
OrchidLead, Silver, Copper, Zinc
OrchidSilver, Lead, Copper, Zinc
OregonSilver, Lead, Copper, Gold
OregonSilver, Lead
OrionGold, Tungsten, Silver
Orion (Underground)Gold, Tungsten
Pack Jack MineSilver
PaulsenLead, Zinc
Peaceful ValleyLimestone, General
PerryGold, Silver
PilgrimLead, Silver, Gold
Pilgrim (Surface)Lead, Gold, Silver
Plata RicaSilver, Lead
Plato FinoLead, Silver
Plato Fino (Underground)Silver, Lead
Plymouth RockLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Plymouth Rock (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
PobrisSilver, Gold, Lead
Polaris (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
PrescottLead, Zinc
Prince HenrySilver
ProvidenceSilver, Lead
Quandary (Surface)Lead
QueenSilver, Lead, Zinc
RattlerSilver, Gold
RattlesnakeSilver, Gold, Zinc, Lead
Rattlesnake (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
ReadIron, Copper, Tungsten, Tin, Titanium, Metal, Manganese, Molybdenum
ReadIron, Copper
Read (Underground)Copper, Tungsten
Read IronFluorine-Fluorite, Wollastonite
Red ChiefLead, Silver, Gold
Red Chief (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Red CloudCopper, Silver, Lead, Gold
Reed Iron Prospect (Surface)Fluorine-Fluorite, Gold
RelianceSilver, Gold
Ren RiceLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Ren Rice (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
ReserveLead, Gold, Silver
Reserve (Underground)Silver, Gold, Lead
Robert E Lee (Underground)Antimony, Gold, Silver
Robert E. LeeSilver, Antimony, Gold
Rogers Bar PlacerGold, Platinum
RomulusLead, Zinc, Silver, Gold
RosarioCopper, Antimony
RosarioGold, Silver
Rosario (Surface-Underground)Copper, Gold, Silver
RosebudLead, Silver
Royal AnnZinc, Gold, Lead, Silver
Royal Ann (Surface-Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
SandiegoSilver, Lead
Santa ClausGold
Saturday Night - Sunday MorningSilver, Antimony, Copper, Lead, Zinc
Saturday Night-Sunday Morning (Underground)Lead, Copper, Silver, Zinc
Section 20Magnesite
SeveralLead, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
Several (Surface-Underground)Lead, Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Several FractionLead
Shoo FlyLead
Silver BellLead, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc
Silver Crown #1Antimony
Silver Crown #2Silver, Gold
Silver Crown No 3 (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Silver Crown No. 1Antimony
Silver Crown No. 3Lead, Silver, Gold
Silver Crown No1 (Surface)Antimony
Silver DollarLead
Silver LeafSilver, Lead, Tungsten, Antimony, Zinc
Silver LeafSilver, Zinc, Tungsten, Antimony, Lead
Silver Leaf (Underground)Antimony, Lead, Tungsten, Zinc
Silver Leaf and OrionSilver, Tungsten, Antimony, Copper, Lead
Silver Leaf MineSilver, Tungsten, Zinc, Lead, Antimony
Silver PlumeLead, Zinc
Silver QueenLead, Silver, Zinc
Silver Ridge Group (Underground)Copper, Lead, Zinc
Silver SparGold
Silver SparSilver
Silver SparLead, Zinc, Silver
Silver Spar (Underground)Lead, Silver, Zinc
Silver SummitSilver, Copper, Lead
Silver SummitLead, Silver, Copper
Snowstorm (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
SnowstromLead, Silver, Gold
Springdale-Cleveland MineSilver
St PatrickLead, Silver, Gold
St PaulSilver, Gold
St Paul (Underground)Lead
St. PaulLead
Stahley MountainSlate, Dimension
Stahley MtnStone, Crushed/Broken
State Pit No. Ps-W88 (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Stevens County (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Stranger CreekGold
Stray DogLead, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Antimony
Stray DogGold
Stray DogLead, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Silver
Stray DogSilver, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Gold
Stray Dog Placer (Placer)Gold
SummitLead, Antimony
SummitSilver, Antimony, Lead
Summit (Underground)Lead, Antimony, Silver
Summit-Tungsten Mines IncTungsten
SunsetLead, Silver, Gold
Sunset (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
SyndicateLead, Silver
SyracuseSilver, Gold
TempestCopper, Zinc, Silver, Gold
TempestSilver, Gold, Zinc, Copper
Thompson Placer (Surface)Gold
Three PinesLead
TogoCopper, Silver, Lead
TogoSilver, Lead, Copper
Truax (Surface-Underground)Gold, Silver
TunaxGold, Silver
Tungsten Mines Inc Washington MetalsTungsten
Tungsten Mines, Inc. Washington MetalsTungsten
TunstonTungsten, Gold
TurkSilver, Gold, Copper
TurkCopper, Silver, Gold
Twin PinesLead
U. S. Magnesite Quarry (Surface-Underground)Magnesite
U.S. (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
UsLead, Silver, Gold
Us MagnesiteMagnesite
Valley ViewSilver
VernieLead, Zinc
VictorSilver, Gold
Washington MetalsTungsten, Molybdenum
Wells FargoBarium-Barite
White RoseSilver, Zinc, Lead
White Rose (Underground)Lead, Silver, Zinc
White TailSilver, Gold, Lead
White Tail (Underground)Lead, Gold, Silver
Wilmont BarGold, REE, Thorium
Wilmont Bar PlacerGold, REE, Thorium
Wilmont CreekTitanium, Metal
Wilmont Creek (Surface)Titanium
Wilmont Divide (Surface)Gold
Wilson Columibite ProspectTitanium, Niobium (Columbium)
YellowstoneLead, Silver, Zinc
Yellowstone (Underground)Lead

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.