Land Use Data for Latitude 37.25 Longitude -119.75

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


San Joaquin Biosphere Reserve

Agricultural Land Uses

Forestry - Pastoralism if moderate or higher


Boreal drylands
Temperate drylands



Growing Period (days)

30 to 59
60 to 89
90 to 119
120 to 149
150 to 179

Soil Types



Plain or plateau
Mountain 800-1500 m, slope > 5%
Mountain 1500-2500 m, slope > 2%
Mountain > 2500

Slopes (degrees)

5 to 8
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45
above 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

0 to 2
2 to 10

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

2 to 5

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
 Iron, Copper
Abbey MineGold
Achsah D. Mine (Placer)Gold
Adobe Ranch (Underground)Copper, Gold
Albion Mine (Underground)Gold
Alpine & Nevada Con. Placers (Placer)Gold
Apex Copper MineCopper, Silver
Argus MineSodium
Ashworth Ranch Deposit Big Spring HillMagnesite
Aul. and AndersonGold
Baker Mine (Underground)Gold
Balfron (Underground)Gold
BarnettCopper, Silver
Bass Lake AreaUranium
Bazinet Mine (Underground)Gold
Beechnut ClaimMagnesite
Beechnut Claim (Surface)Manganese
Bellview Mine (Underground)Gold
Bessie H. MineGold
Big ChiefGold, Copper
Big Chief (Surface-Underground)Copper, Gold
Big Spring HillMagnesite
Big Stick (Underground)Gold
Bimbo Extension Nos. 5 and 6 (Underground)Gold
Black Eagle Claim (Surface)Tungsten
Black Eagle ClaimsTungsten
Bower Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Bowlder Mine (Placer)Gold
Broken ShovelGold, Silver
Bullion Mine (Underground)Gold
BussoliniCopper, Gold, Silver
Butterfly Mine (Underground)Gold
Calaveras MineAsbestos
Canady Mine (Underground)Gold
Carol Jane 1 and 2 (Surface)Feldspar, Tungsten
Caroline Mine (Surface-Underground)Gold
Cedar Claim (Underground)Tungsten
Central No. 2 Mine (Underground)Gold
Chipmunk MineGold
Chowchilla River Placers (Placer)Gold
Church RanchTungsten
Columbus Mine (Surface)Gold
Combination Claim (Placer)Gold
Copper QueenCopper
Copper Queen Mine (Underground)Copper, Silver
Coyote HallGold
CrestlineGold, Silver
Crystal Spring (Underground)Gold
Daisy Bell (Underground)Gold
Daniels Mine (Surface)Gold
Deep Canyon Claim (Surface)Asbestos
Diana Mine (Underground)Gold
Diatomite Occurrence (Surface)Diatomite
Doris (Placer)Gold
Eagle (Underground)Gold
Ecke Rare Earth Properties (Surface)Titanium, REE
Eighty-Six Mine (Underground)Gold
Eliza Jane Mine (Underground)Gold
Empire Nos. 1-3 Mines (Underground)Gold
ErskineCopper, Silver
Europa Mine (Underground)Gold
Evans IiGold
FeltsCopper, Gold, Silver
Fig Zircon SpringsUranium
Fine Gold Claim (Placer)Gold
Fine Gold MineGold
First Venture MineGold
Fish Creek Mtn. (Surface-Underground)Tungsten
FlorenceGold, Silver
Flori Ori Gold Lode Claim (Underground)Gold
Fort Miller Ranch Deposit (Surface)Pumice
FrancisCopper, Zinc
Fresno Banner Mine (Underground)Gold
Gaylord Borrow Pit (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Golconda (Underground)Gold
Golden Crystal Lode GoldGold
Golden Ribbon Nos. 1 and 2Gold
Golden Road (Underground)Gold
Golden Treasure and Other ClaimsGold
Green MountainCopper, Cobalt
HallidayCopper, Silver
Hanover Mine (Underground)Gold
Hart Iron DepositIron
Hawkeye Mine (Underground)Gold
Hazelton and Kennedy Claim (Surface)Manganese
Herron Mine (Underground)Gold
Hidden Treasure Mine (Underground)Gold
High Grade (Underground)Gold
Hildreth Mine (Underground)Gold
Holbrooke and HarringtonGold
Homestake Mine (Underground)Gold
Hughes Mine (Underground)Gold
I X L ClaimTungsten
I X L Mine (Underground)Copper, Tungsten
Indian Peak GroupCopper
Indian Peak Mine (Surface)Gold
Indian Peek GroupCopper
Inyo Mine (Underground)Gold
Iron-Copper DepositIron, Copper
J.M. (Surface)Gold
Jackass Mountain Mines (Underground)Gold
Jeff Davis and Canary (Underground)Gold
Joe Devaney Sand & Gravel Co. (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction, Gold, Silver
John L SullivanGold
Johnny (Underground)Gold
Johnny Bull (Underground)Gold
Jones MineTungsten
Jones RanchTungsten
Jordan Dredge GroundGold
Josephine Mine (Underground)Gold, Arsenic
Keefe (Underground)Gold
Kenedy - Milburn -Allerd ClaimGold
Keno Mine (Underground)Gold
Krohn and WardCopper, Nickel, Cobalt
Krohn and WardNickel, Cobalt
Krohn ProspectManganese
L.H. Miller Mine (Underground)Gold
Lady Ellen (Underground)Gold
Last Chance MineGold
Lawerence L Zollars (Surface)Slate, Dimension
Lewis Mine (Placer)Gold
Lillie Mine (Underground)Gold
Lingo Mine (Underground)Gold
Little Willie's Mine (Placer)Gold
Lone Pine #2Tungsten
Lone Pine No. 2 ClaimTungsten
Lonesome PineGold, Silver, Copper
Long Borrow Pit (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Los Banos Creek Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Lottie K Mine (Underground)Gold
Love & Ibbeston, Lucky Day #1Tungsten
Love & Ibbetson Prospect (Surface-Underground)Tungsten
Lucky Day No. 1 Claim (Underground)Tungsten
Madera No. 1 Claim (Underground)Gold
Madera Quarry (Surface)Granite
Magnet (Underground)Gold
Mammoth Mine (Underground)Gold
Mariposa Sand & Gravel (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Marysville MineGold
Mclaughlin and Pearl (Underground)Gold
Millenium (Underground)Gold
Millerton Lake Quarry (Surface)Pumice
Mint MineGold
Monitor Mine (Underground)Gold
Moonlight and Starlight (Underground)Gold
Mormon BarGold
Mormon Bar GroupCopper
Mormon Par GroupCopper
Morning Star Claim (Underground)Gold
Mountain Lily #1 (Surface)Gold
Mountain View Mine (Underground)Gold
Mt. Tungsten ProspectTungsten
Mud Springs Mine (Underground)Gold
Nellie Gray Mine (Underground)Gold
Nelson Claim (Underground)Copper
Never Sweat Mine (Placer)Gold
Nutter Nos. 1-5Tungsten
Oak Grove Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Ohio & Marsaba Mines (Placer)Gold
Old Blue (Underground)Gold
Old DaultonCopper
Old ReedCopper
Overlooked Mine (Placer)Gold
Owl No. 1 and No. 2Gold, Silver
Paines Shaft.Gold
Paragon Placer Mines (Placer)Gold
Patton (Surface)Gold
Pearce & PearceCopper, Gold, Silver
Prospect Mine (Underground)Gold
Protection Mine (Surface-Underground)Gold
Providence (Underground)Gold
Quartz Mountain (Underground)Gold
Quien Sabe Mine (Underground)Gold
Rapp and CompanyTungsten
Rattlesnake Mine (Underground)Gold
Reba MineGold
Red LedgeUranium
Red Lily ClaimsTungsten
Rich Hill Mines (Underground)Gold
Riffle Mine (Placer)Gold
Riverside and Starlight Claims (Underground)Gold
Riverside Quartz MineGold
Round Tree Mine (Underground)Gold
Runaway Mine (Underground)Gold
San JoaquinGold
San Joaquin Mine (Underground)Gold
San JoseCopper, Silver
Santa Rita MineAsbestos
Savannah Mine (Underground)Gold
ScandiaCopper, Zinc, Lead
Scott ProspectManganese
Seneca Mine (Placer)Gold
Shippery GroupGold
Sidney (Underground)Gold
Silver Bar Bryan, SilverGold, Silver
Silver Lane Golden Rod, Wallman RanchGold, Silver
Silver LeadGold
Silver LoneGold, Silver
Smuggle Mine (Underground)Gold
Snow Creek Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Solferino Mine (Underground)Gold
Spangle Gold Mining Co. (Underground)Gold
St PaulGold
Standard Mine and Mill (Underground)Gold
Starlight Group (Underground)Gold
Stayton Mining Co. (Underground)Gold
Stepping StonesGold
Stepping Stones, Night Hawk, Fools Choice, Elizabeth.Gold
Stewart and Nuss ProspectManganese
Stockton Creek and Stockton Creek TunnelGold
Sunol MineGold
Sunrise Consolidated Lode (Surface-Underground)Iron
Sunset ViewGold
Sunshine Mine (Underground)Gold
Taylor's Pit and Mill (Surface)Pumice
Teaford RanchTungsten
Telles & Morton Mine (Placer)Gold
Texas Flat Consolidated Mine (Underground)Gold
Thomas and BoussonGold
Thornberry DepositManganese
Thornberry Prospect (Surface)Manganese
Thornton Mine (Underground)Gold
Thrower (Surface)Gold
Tiger Mine (Underground)Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc
Tin BucketTungsten
Tin Bucket No. 2 Claim (Surface-Underground)Tungsten
Trebor Corporation Dredge GroundsGold
Triangle Mine (Placer)Gold
Victoria Gold-Tungsten Prospect (Underground)Tungsten
Victoria Mine (Underground)Gold
Victory GroupTungsten
Victory MineTungsten
Vignola (Underground)Copper, Silver
Vulcano No. 1 Mine (Underground)Gold
W H ChildersFeldspar
War BabyTungsten
Ward ProspectCopper
Washington (Underground)Gold
Washington #3Tungsten
Washington Claim (Surface)Tungsten
Washington No. 3 Claim (Surface)Tungsten
Washington TungstenTungsten
Weatherby Mine (Underground)Gold
Webber (Underground)Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold
Welsh Ranch Prospects (Surface-Underground)Tungsten
Welsh Ranch TungstenTungsten
White Top Claim (Underground)Magnesite
Willow Creek Mine (Surface-Underground)Gold
Yukon JakeManganese
Zebra (Underground)Gold
Zircon Springs Mining Group (Surface)Zirconium

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.