Land Use Data for Latitude 37.75 Longitude -122.25

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Ring Mountain Preserve
San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
San Francisco Peninsular Watershed

Agricultural Land Uses

Forestry - Pastoralism if moderate or higher
Grasslands - Mod. intensive pastoralism
Mixture crops- moderate livestock and large scale irrigation
Agriculture - Large scale Irrigation (>25% pixel size)
Urban land
Sparsely vegetated areas - Mod. intensive pastoralism


Temperate humid
Mediterranean humid





Growing Period (days)

180 to 209

Soil Types

Phaeozems (Dark soils rich in organic matter)


Plain or plateau

Slopes (degrees)

0.5 to 2
2 to 5
5 to 8
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

0 to 2
2 to 10
10 to 50
50 to 250
above 250

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

2 to 5

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
 Stone, Crushed/Broken
Ada Sand and Gravel Pit No 2 (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
AlmaSulfur-Pyrite, Copper, Silver
American Salt Co.Halite
Angel Island Dredge (Underground)Sand and Gravel, Construction
BallStone, Crushed/Broken
Berkeley HillsLead
Blake Brothers Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken, Sand and Gravel, Construction
Blake Brothers San PabloStone, Sand and Gravel, Construction
BrisbaneStone, Crushed/Broken
Brisbane Quarry (Surface)Stone
Brooks Island Healy - TibbittsStone
CaseyStone, Crushed/Broken
CausewayStone, Crushed/Broken
Chabot Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Clark & SonsClay
Cragmont MineMercury
Daly SStone, Crushed/Broken
Dennison PeakGold
DiabloStone, Crushed/Broken
Dumbarton MillStone, Crushed/Broken
Dumbarton QuarryStone
Durham Pit (Surface)Stone
East Bay Excavation Co (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
El Cerrito Stege, HutchinsonStone
El GranadaStone
Fort Baker (Surface)Gold, Manganese
Ft Baker (Surface)Stone
Gallagher & Burke (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Gallagher and BurkeStone, Crushed/Broken
GardnerStone, Crushed/Broken
H. P. A.Stone, Crushed/Broken
Healy-TibbittsStone, Crushed/Broken
Henry J. KaiserStone
Henry J. Kaiser CompanyStone
Holy CrossStone, Crushed/Broken
Ideal Cement Co.Limestone, Dimension, Stone, Crushed/Broken
ImmelStone, Crushed/Broken
Interpace (Processing Plant)Fire Clay (Refractory), Kaolin, Silica
John D. Hoff Asbestos CoAsbestos
John D. Hoff Asbestos Co. (Underground)Asbestos
Kaiser Industries Corp (Surface)Clay
Kaiser Sand & Gravel (Processing Plant)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Kraftile Clay Pit (Surface)Clay
L P Mcnear Brick Co (Surface)Clay
La Vista Quarry and MillStone
Lake Anza MineMercury
Leona Quarry (Surface)Stone
Leslie Salt Co (Processing Plant)Salt
Lime PointGemstone
Macco-Morrison Knudston Costr. Co.Stone, Crushed/Broken
Marin Co.No.25 (Surface)Manganese
Marine Magnes Div.Magnesite
Marine Magnesium Co. Seawater Plant (Brine Operation)Magnesite
Marks Materials (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Marks Materials Inc.Calcium
MartinStone, Crushed/Broken
Mclaughlin Lithograph-Stone QuarryLimestone, General
Mclaughlinlithograph-StonequarryLimestone, Dimension, Stone, Crushed/Broken
Mcnears Quarry & Mill (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Middle RoadStone, Crushed/Broken
Mining Claim Loc. Quicksilver Fnd.Mercury
Moller Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Morton Salt Co.Halite
Mt. Diablo Lime Marl Co.Limestone, General
N. M. Ball SonsStone
Newark Evaporation Ponds (Surface)Salt
Niles Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Niles Pit & Mill (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Niles Sand and Gravel Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
North RoadStone, Crushed/Broken
Oakland Dredge Concrete (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Rr Co.Stone, Crushed/Broken
Old Stege Bates, Boreland & Ayer. Central Const. Co., BruceStone
Oliver Bros. Salt Co.Halite
Oliver Salt (Surface)Salt
Pacifica Quarry and Mill (Surface)Stone
Pilarcitos Quarry (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Pinole (Surface)Diatomite
Point IsabelStone
Point IsableStone
Point Molate Healey-Tibbets Co.Stone
Quarry Products IncStone
Quarry Products-Niles (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Radum Pit and Mill (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Red RockManganese
Redwood City OperationHalite
Redwood City Plant (Brine Operation)Salt
Richfield Oil Co. (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Richmond Avenue Quarry (Surface)Stone
Richmond Mill (Processing Plant)Limestone, General
Richmond Point RichmondStone
San Francisco Bay Dredge (Surface)Calcium
San Francisco Bay Dredge (Offshore)Limestone, General
San Leandro Quarry and Mill (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
San Mateo Development Co.Stone, Crushed/Broken
San Rafael Quarry (Surface)Stone
Sanderling Dredge (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Sausalito PointManganese
Serra Brothers (Surface)Stone
Serra Brothers SlaterStone
Skyline QuarryCalcium
South RoadStone, Crushed/Broken
South S. F. Land & Improvement Co.Stone, Crushed/Broken
South San Fran. Land & Imp. Co.Silver, Lead, Zinc
Southern Pacific Co.Stone, Crushed/Broken
Splivalo & JohnsonStone, Crushed/Broken
Tiburon Ridge FlagstoneStone, Stone, Dimension
Tiburon Ridge Flagstone (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Tunnel RockStone, Crushed/Broken
TysonStone, Crushed/Broken
United Materials and Richmond Pressed Brick Co.Clay

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.