Land Use Data for Latitude 41.25 Longitude -123.25

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Klamath-Siskiyou forests ecoregion
Trinity Alps Wilderness Area


Boreal drylands
Temperate drylands

Growing Period (days)

30 to 59
60 to 89
90 to 119
120 to 149
150 to 179

Soil Types



Plain or plateau
Mountain 800-1500 m, slope > 5%
Mountain 1500-2500 m, slope > 2%

Slopes (degrees)

8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45
above 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

0 to 2

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

2 to 5

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
(Underground)Tungsten, Gold
Advance Mine (Underground)Gold
Ahlgrens Claim (Placer)Gold
Albia (Surface)Gold
Allgood and Castell Placer (Placer)Gold
Anderson PlacerGold
Aromas Mine (Placer)Gold
Arrow (Underground)Gold
Austrian Mine (Placer)Gold
Badlands MineGold
Baines Placer MineGold
Baley Mine (Placer)Gold
Ball Mine (Underground)Gold
Ballard Mine (Underground)Gold
Barron Creek Placer (Placer)Gold
Barry and Co Claim (Placer)Gold
Beebee Bar Mine (Placer)Gold
Bell Mine (Underground)Gold
Bendi (Placer)Gold
Bennett Patent (Placer)Gold
Big Bar (Placer)Gold
Big Bend ProspectCopper
Big Chief (Underground)Gold
Big Cliff (Underground)Gold
Big Creek (Placer)Gold
Big Fish Mine (Underground)Gold
Bigelow Placer MineGold
Black Bear Mine (Underground)Gold
Black Hawk (Surface)Chromium
Black Mine (Underground)Gold
Blazing Mine (Underground)Gold
Bloomer MineGold
Blue Gulch Mine (Placer)Gold
Bonanza (Underground)Gold
Bonanza Group (Surface-Underground)Gold
Boyd (Placer)Gold
Brizard MineGold
Brooks LodeGold
Brown and GeorgeGold
Brown Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Brown ProspectManganese
Browns MineGold
Burns Mine (Placer)Gold
California ConsolidatedGold
Cannon Mine (Underground)Gold
Canyon Mtn Group of Mines No 1Gold
Captain SmithGold
Carey Ridge MercuryMercury
Carl and Shaw Mine (Underground)Gold
Cash Hydraulic Mine (Placer)Gold
Cecilville Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Chambers Hydraulic (Placer)Gold
China RidgeGold
Claus PetersGold
Clerbus MaeGold
Codfish Hill Mine (Placer)Gold
Cody Bar (Placer)Gold
Conzetti (Surface-Underground)Gold
Conzetti Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Cow Creek (Underground)Gold
Crapo Mine (Surface)Gold
Cub Bear Mine (Underground)Gold
Curran (Placer)Gold
Deamer Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Deer Lodge (Underground)Gold
Deer Pen Creek (Placer)Gold
Devils Backbone Prospect (Surface)Copper
Dot Placer (Placer)Gold
Dougherty Bros ClaimGold
Durch (Placer)Gold
Elliott (Placer)Gold
Ellston (Placer)Gold
Ellston Placer (Placer)Gold
Enterprise (Underground)Gold
Eureka and Wjd (Underground)Gold
Evergreen Mine (Underground)Gold
Excelsior (Surface-Underground)Gold
Excelsior Mine (Placer)Gold
Farnsworth (Placer)Gold
Farnsworth BrosGold
Finley MineGold
Fir Tree PlacerGold
Flapjack Mine (Placer)Gold
Flower Gulch (Surface)Gold
Forest and Stout Mine (Placer)Gold
Forks of SalmonGold, Platinum
Forks of Salmon (Placer)Gold, PGE, Platinum
Forks of Salmon Placer (Placer)Gold
Forks Placer (Surface)Gold
Gallia MineGold
Geesham and Kellner MineGold
George Mine (Placer)Gold
Gerkin Mine (Placer)Gold
Glennon MineGold
Godfrey Mine (Underground)Gold
Gold Hill PlacerGold
Gold RunGold
Good Hope ClaimsGold
Grant Mine (Surface)Gold
Grattan Mine (Underground)Gold
Grizzly CampCopper, Zinc
Grizzly Creek (Placer)Gold
Groutt Placer (Placer)Gold
Grover Ladd ClaimMercury
Gunbarrel (Underground)Gold
Haley Mine (Placer)Gold
Hanson Mine (Surface)Gold
Hardscrabble (Underground)Gold
Harris (Placer)Gold
Harris Mine (Placer)Gold
Haunted Bar (Placer)Gold
Heiney (Placer)Gold
Hennings Mine (Underground)Gold
Hiberia (Underground)Gold
Hickey No 2 Mine (Placer)Gold
Hickey Placer (Placer)Gold
Hidden Treasure (Underground)Gold
High GradeCopper
High Grade and TeressaCopper
High Spot No. 1 (Surface)Quartz
Highland Mine (Underground)Gold
Hogan Mine (Underground)Gold
Hole In the Earth No. 2 (Surface)Gold
Homestake Mine (Underground)Gold
Horseshoe Bend (Placer)Gold
Horton Gulch (Placer)Gold
Humpback Quartz (Underground)Gold
Hunter (Underground)Gold
Hunter and Dowey (Underground)Gold
Imperial HeightsGold
Indian Bottoms Mining Co (Placer)Gold
Indian Burr (Placer)Gold
Indian Ledge Mine (Underground)Gold
Indian Point (Placer)Gold
Inskip Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Jefferson Consolidated MineGold
Jessops GulchGold, Iridium, Osmium
Johnson Mine (Placer)Gold
Jones (Placer)Gold
Jorstad (Placer)Gold
Joubert (Placer)Gold
Judge (Placer)Gold
Jump Joe Mine (Underground)Gold
Karres Mine (Placer)Gold
King Solomon (Surface)Gold
Kinkaid Prospect (Underground)Gold
Kismet Mine (Underground)Gold
Klein PlacerGold
Knudsen Bar (Placer)Gold
Kublia Gold Prospect (Surface-Underground)Silver, Copper, Gold
Langworthy Claim (Placer)Gold
Lanky Bob and Slim Jim (Underground)Gold
Last ChanceGold
Lewis (Underground)Gold
Limestone RidgeLimestone, Dimension, Stone, Crushed/Broken
Little KlondikeGold
Live Yankee (Underground)Gold
Lone Pine MineGold
Long Tom (Placer)Gold
Low HillGold
Low Slide CreekGold
Lower Slide Cr (Placer)Gold
Lucky Strike (Underground)Gold
Luddy Pocket Mine (Underground)Gold
Malloy Mine (Underground)Gold
Maloney Hydraulic Mine (Placer)Gold
Mary BlaineGold
Mary LouChromium
Maryland Mining Co (Surface)Manganese
Matthews Placer (Placer)Gold
Maybe So (Placer)Gold, Silver
Mcbroom Locations (Placer)Gold
Mcneal Mine (Placer)Gold
Metropolitan Mine (Underground)Gold
Michigan SalmonGold, Platinum, Osmium, Iridium
Mickey PlacerGold
Midland Co Inc (Placer)Gold
Milich Placer (Placer)Gold
Missouri Bar Mine (Placer)Gold
Molitor (Surface)Gold
Monarch Mine (Underground)Gold
Montes MineGold
Moore and Descher ClaimGold
Morehouse Mine (Placer)Gold
Mt Shasta Patent (Placer)Gold
Multum In Parvo PlacerGold
MurrayGold, Platinum
Myera Pocket Mine (Underground)Gold
Myers and Smith Claim (Underground)Gold
Mystery Mine (Underground)Gold
National Defense Mining Claims 1 and 2Manganese
Native Son Placer (Placer)Gold
Negro Hill MineGold, Platinum
Neilon and Putnam (Underground)Gold
Nicolett Quartz Mine (Underground)Gold
Non PareilCopper
Nordhaimer Placer (Placer)Gold
O Shay Chloride (Surface-Underground)Gold
Oak Bottom PlacerGold
Olsen Claim (Placer)Gold
One Hundred Dollar Mine (Underground)Gold
Orcutt Hydraulic MineGold, Platinum
Overland GroupMercury
Overton Mine (Underground)Gold
Paradise Flat Placer (Placer)Gold
Paymaster (Underground)Gold
Peters (Underground)Gold
Petersburg Mine (Placer)Gold
Peterson MineGold, Platinum, Osmium, Iridium
Peterson MineGold, PGE
Piedmont MineGold
Plummer Creek Placers (Placer)Gold
Pointer Gulch (Surface)Gold
Rainbow Mine (Underground)Gold
Rattlesnake Creek Placers (Placer)Gold
Red Cap Lake Prospect (Surface)Silver, Copper
Reported LocationGold
Reported Lode Mine (Underground)Gold
Reported Occurrence (Placer)Gold
Reported Occurrence (Placer)Manganese
Reported OccurrenceGemstone
Reported OccurrenceCopper
Reported Occurrences (Placer)Gold
Reported OccurrencesStone, Crushed/Broken
Reported Placer Location (Placer)Gold
Ridgeway (Surface-Underground)Gold
Robinson Gulch ProspectGold
Roff (Underground)Gold
Rollin School DepositArsenic
Rush Creek (Placer)Gold
Russian Hill Placer (Placer)Gold
Rusty Prospect (Surface-Underground)Gold, Mercury, Silver
Salmon Mountain Prospect (Surface)Silver, Copper
Salmon RiverGold
Salmon River Gold DredgingGold
Salmon River Mine (Placer)Gold
Salyer CopperCopper, Gold
Salyer Copper Prospect (Underground)Copper
Sauerkraut Peak Copper ProspectCopper
Sauerkraut Placer MineGold
Sawyer Group (Placer)Gold
Sawyers BarManganese
Scotts Mountain (Placer)Gold
Security Group (Underground)Gold
Seiad ProspectCopper
Shadow Creek Mine (Placer)Gold
Sheffield Mine (Placer)Gold
Shield Placer (Placer)Gold
Shotgun Gulch (Surface)Gold
Shummy MineGold
Six-Mile Placer (Placer)Gold
Skidoo Prospect (Surface-Underground)Gold
Skillens-Means GroupManganese
Slim JimGold, Lead
Slumway Placer (Placer)Gold
Smith and Marrian (Underground)Gold
Smith and Myers (Placer)Gold
Snoozer Mine (Underground)Gold
Snowflake (Underground)Gold
So Fk Salmon River Placer Deposits (Placer)Gold
Stanshaw Mine (Placer)Gold
Star of the West Mine (Underground)Gold
Starveout Mine (Placer)Gold
State Placer (Placer)Gold
Stricklin Bar Placer (Placer)Gold
Summerville Mine (Placer)Gold
Talcott MineGold
Taylor Lake (Underground)Gold
Tenner (Placer)Gold
Thomain/Teukert Placer Mine (Placer)Gold
Three Dollar Bar (Placer)Gold
Tip Top Mine (Underground)Gold
Tom Taylor (Underground)Gold
Tough NutGold
Townes Mine (Underground)Gold
Tripp Point (Placer)Gold
Tryer Mine (Placer)Gold
U S ClaimGold
Unamed (Placer)Gold
Uncle Sam Consolidated Quartz (Underground)Gold
Uncle Sam Mine (Underground)Gold
Veat Mining Co (Placer)Gold
Virgin Cr. Area (Placer)Gold
Volunteer (Underground)Gold
Wanda Mine (Underground)Gold
Wangood Lord ClaimsTungsten
Wangoodlord Claims (Underground)Tungsten
Wann Placer (Placer)Gold
Water LilyGold
Webb Mine (Placer)Gold
Whistle BarGold
Whistlebear MineGold
White DogGold
White Elephant (Underground)Gold
White Gulch MineGold
Whites GulchGold
Wild Gulch (Placer)Gold
Williams MineGold
Wilson Mine (Underground)Gold
Windeler Placer (Placer)Gold
Woodfill and Barry PlacerGold
Young AmericanGold
Yreka Gold Mining CoGold

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.