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Aegolius funereus (Boreal Owl) AT
Bovista paludosa (Fen Puffball) EN
Bryoria bicolor (twocolor horsehair lichen) AT
Bryoria nadvornikiana (Nadvornik's horsehair lichen) AT
Chaenotheca gracillima (needle lichen) AT
Chaenothecopsis viridialba (chaenothecopsis lichen) AT
Cladonia parasitica (parasite cup lichen) AT
Collema nigrescens (jelly lichen) AT
Collema occultatum (occult jelly lichen) AT
Cyphelium tigillare (soot lichen)
Dryocopus martius (Black Woodpecker) AT
Epipogium aphyllum (Ghost Orchid) AT
Grus grus (Common Crane) AT
Philomachus pugnax (Ruff) AT
Picoides tridactylus (Three-toed Woodpecker) AT
Platismatia norvegica (Norwegian ragged lichen) AT
Pluvialis apricaria (European Golden-Plover) AT
Rhodobolites roseus
Sterna paradisaea (Arctic Tern) AT
Surnia ulula (Northern Hawk-Owl) AT
Tetrao urogallus (Western Capercaillie) AT
Tringa glareola (Wood Sandpiper) AT