Nipomo Dunes Preserve

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Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Cyprinus carpio (Common carp) EN AT
Eucyclogobius newberryi (Tidewater Goby) AT
Gambusia affinis (Live-bearing tooth-carp) AT
Gasterosteus aculeatus (Alaskan stickleback) AT
Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill) AT
Leptocottus armatus (Cabezon) AT
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout) AT
Pimephales promelas (Black-head minnow) AT
Platichthys stellatus (Starry flounder) AT
Amphibia (amphibians)
Ambystoma tigrinum (Eastern Tiger Salamander) AT
Anaxyrus boreas (Western Toad) AT
Aneides lugubris (Arboreal Salamander) AT
Batrachoseps attenuatus (California Slender Salamander) AT
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog) AT
Pseudacris cadaverina (California Treefrog) AT
Pseudacris regilla (Northern Pacific Treefrog) AT
Rana aurora (Northern Red-legged Frog) AT
Rana boylii (Foothill Yellow-legged Frog) AT
Spea hammondii (Western Spadefoot) AT
Taricha torosa (California Newt) AT
Aves (birds)
Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's Hawk) AT
Accipiter striatus (Sharp-shinned Hawk) AT
Actitis macularius (Spotted sandpiper) AT
Aechmophorus occidentalis (Western Grebe) AT
Anas americana (American Wigeon) AT
Anas crecca (Green-winged Teal) AT
Anas cyanoptera (Cinnamon Teal) AT
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard) AT
Anthus spinoletta (Water Pipit) AT
Aphelocoma coerulescens (Florida Scrub-Jay) EN AT
Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle) AT
Ardea alba (Great Egret) AT
Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron) AT
Arenaria melanocephala (Black Turnstone) AT
Aythya affinis (Lesser Scaup) AT
Aythya valisineria (Canvasback) AT
Botaurus lentiginosus (American Bittern) AT
Branta bernicla (Brent Goose) AT
Bubo virginianus (Great Horned Owl) AT
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk) AT
Buteo lineatus (Red-shouldered Hawk) AT
Butorides striata (Green-backed Heron) AT
Calidris alba (Sanderling) AT
Calidris mauri (Western Sandpiper) AT
Calidris minutilla (Least Sandpiper) AT
Callipepla californica (Californian Quail) AT
Calypte anna (Anna's Hummingbird) AT
Cardellina pusilla (Wilson's Warbler) AT
Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture) AT
Cepphus columba (Pigeon Guillemot) AT
Chamaea fasciata (Wrentit) AT
Charadrius alexandrinus (Snowy Plover) AT
Charadrius semipalmatus (Semipalmated Plover) AT
Charadrius vociferus (Killdeer) AT
Circus cyaneus (Northern Harrier) AT
Cistothorus palustris (Marsh Wren) AT
Columba livia (Rock Pigeon) AT
Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow) AT
Dendrocopos pubescens (Downy Woodpecker) AT
Egretta thula (Snowy Egret) AT
Elanus leucurus (White-tailed Kite) AT
Empidonax traillii (Willow Flycatcher) AT
Eremophila alpestris (Horned Lark) AT
Euphagus cyanocephalus (Brewer's Blackbird) AT
Falco sparverius (American Kestrel) AT
Fulica americana (American Coot) AT
Gavia stellata (Red-throated Loon) AT
Geococcyx californianus (Greater Roadrunner) AT
Geothlypis trichas (Common Yellowthroat) AT
Haematopus bachmani (Black Oystercatcher) AT
Haemorhous mexicanus (House Finch) AT
Hesperiphona vespertina (Evening Grosbeak) EN AT
Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) AT
Hydroprogne caspia (Caspian Tern) AT
Larus argentatus (Herring Gull) AT
Larus californicus (California Gull) AT
Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull) AT
Larus heermanni (Heermann's Gull) AT
Larus occidentalis (Western Gull) AT
Leiothlypis celata (Orange-crowned Warbler) AT
Limnodromus griseus (Short-billed Dowitcher) AT
Limosa fedoa (Marbled Godwit) AT
Megaceryle alcyon (Belted Kingfisher) AT
Melanitta perspicillata (Surf Scoter) AT
Melospiza melodia (Song Sparrow) AT
Melozone crissalis (California Towhee) AT
Numenius americanus (Long-billed Curlew) AT
Numenius phaeopus (Whimbrel) AT
Nycticorax nycticorax (Black-crowned Night-Heron) AT
Oxyura jamaicensis (Ruddy Duck) AT
Passerculus sandwichensis (Savannah Sparrow) AT
Passerina caerulea (Blue Grosbeak) AT
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota (Cliff Swallow) AT
Phainopepla nitens (Phainopepla) AT
Phalacrocorax penicillatus (Brandt's Cormorant) AT
Phalaenoptilus nuttallii (Common Poorwill) AT
Phalaropus lobatus (Red-necked Phalarope) AT
Phalaropus tricolor (Wilson's Phalarope) AT
Pheucticus melanocephalus (Black-headed Grosbeak) AT
Pica nuttalli (Yellow-billed Magpie) AT