Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Range Preserve

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Amphibia (amphibians)
Anaxyrus boreas (Western Toad) AT
Aneides ferreus (Clouded Salamander) AT
Aneides flavipunctatus (Black Salamander) AT
Ascaphus truei (Tailed Frog) AT
Batrachoseps attenuatus (California Slender Salamander) AT
Dicamptodon ensatus (California Giant Salamander) AT
Pseudacris regilla (Northern Pacific Treefrog) AT
Rana boylii (Foothill Yellow-legged Frog) AT
Rhyacotriton olympicus (Olympic Torrent Salamander) EN AT
Taricha granulosa (Rough-skinned Newt) AT
Aves (birds)
Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's Hawk) AT
Accipiter gentilis (Northern Goshawk) AT
Accipiter striatus (Sharp-shinned Hawk) AT
Actitis macularius (Spotted sandpiper) AT
Aechmophorus occidentalis (Western Grebe) AT
Aegolius acadicus (Northern Saw-whet Owl) AT
Agelaius phoeniceus (Red-winged Blackbird) AT
Aix sponsa (Wood Duck) AT
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard) AT
Aphelocoma californica (Western Scrub-Jay) AT
Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle) AT
Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron) AT
Artemisiospiza belli (Sage Sparrow) AT
Bombycilla cedrorum (Cedar Waxwing) AT
Branta canadensis (Canada Goose) AT
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk) AT
Buteo lineatus (Red-shouldered Hawk) AT
Butorides virescens (Green Heron) AT
Callipepla californica (Californian Quail) AT
Calypte anna (Anna's Hummingbird) AT
Cardellina pusilla (Wilson's Warbler) AT
Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture) AT
Catharus guttatus (Hermit Thrush) AT
Certhia americana (Brown Creeper) AT
Chaetura vauxi (Vaux's Swift) AT
Chamaea fasciata (Wrentit) AT
Chordeiles minor (Common Nighthawk) AT
Cinclus mexicanus (American Dipper) AT
Colaptes auratus (Northern Flicker) AT
Contopus cooperi (Olive-sided Flycatcher) AT
Contopus sordidulus (Western Wood-Pewee) AT
Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow) AT
Corvus corax (Northern Raven) AT
Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay) AT
Dendragapus obscurus (Blue Grouse) AT
Dendrocopos pubescens (Downy Woodpecker) AT
Dryocopus pileatus (Pileated Woodpecker) AT
Elanus leucurus (White-tailed Kite) AT
Empidonax difficilis (Pacific-slope Flycatcher) AT
Euphagus cyanocephalus (Brewer's Blackbird) AT
Falco peregrinus (Peregrine Falcon) AT
Falco sparverius (American Kestrel) AT
Gallinago gallinago (Common Snipe) AT
Geothlypis tolmiei (MacGillivray's Warbler) AT
Glaucidium gnoma californicum (Northern Pygmy Owl) AT
Haemorhous purpureus (Purple Finch) AT
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle) AT
Hirundo rustica (Barn Swallow) AT
Icterus galbula (Northern Oriole) AT
Ixoreus naevius (Varied Thrush) AT
Junco hyemalis (Dark-eyed Junco) AT
Larus californicus (California Gull) AT
Leiothlypis celata (Orange-crowned Warbler) AT
Leiothlypis ruficapilla (Nashville Warbler) AT
Lophodytes cucullatus (Hooded Merganser) AT
Megaceryle alcyon (Belted Kingfisher) AT
Megascops kennicottii (Western Screech-Owl) AT
Melanerpes formicivorus (Acorn Woodpecker) AT
Melanerpes lewis (Lewis's Woodpecker) AT
Melospiza melodia (Song Sparrow) AT
Melozone fusca (Canyon Towhee) AT
Mergus merganser (Common Merganser) AT
Myiarchus cinerascens (Ash-throated Flycatcher) AT
Pandion haliaetus (Osprey) AT
Passerculus sandwichensis (Savannah Sparrow) AT
Passerella iliaca (Fox Sparrow) AT
Passerina amoena (Lazuli Bunting) AT
Patagioenas fasciata (Band-tailed Pigeon) AT
Phalacrocorax auritus (Double-crested Cormorant) AT
Phalaenoptilus nuttallii (Common Poorwill) AT
Pheucticus melanocephalus (Black-headed Grosbeak) AT
Picoides villosus (Hairy Woodpecker) AT
Pipilo maculatus (Spotted Towhee) AT
Piranga ludoviciana (Western Tanager) AT
Poecile rufescens (Chestnut-backed Chickadee) AT
Pooecetes gramineus (Vesper Sparrow) AT
Psaltriparus minimus (Bushtit) AT
Regulus calendula (Ruby-crowned Kinglet) AT
Regulus satrapa (Golden-crowned Kinglet) AT
Sayornis nigricans (Black Phoebe) AT
Selasphorus rufus (Rufous Hummingbird) AT
Selasphorus sasin (Allen's Hummingbird) AT
Setophaga coronata (Yellow-rumped Warbler) AT
Setophaga nigrescens (Black-throated Grey Warbler) AT
Setophaga occidentalis (Hermit Warbler) AT
Setophaga petechia (Yellow Warbler) AT
Setophaga townsendi (Townsend's Warbler) AT
Sialia mexicana (Western Bluebird) AT
Sitta canadensis (Red-breasted Nuthatch) AT
Sphyrapicus ruber (Red-breasted Sapsucker) AT