Dye Creek Preserve

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Amphibia (amphibians)
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog) AT
Pseudacris regilla (Northern Pacific Treefrog) AT
Rana boylii (Foothill Yellow-legged Frog) AT
Taricha granulosa (Rough-skinned Newt) AT
Taricha torosa (California Newt) AT
Aves (birds)
Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's Hawk) AT
Accipiter striatus (Sharp-shinned Hawk) AT
Agelaius phoeniceus (Red-winged Blackbird) AT
Agelaius tricolor (Tricolored Blackbird) EN AT
Aix sponsa (Wood Duck) AT
Anas acuta (Northern Pintail) AT
Anas cyanoptera (Cinnamon Teal) AT
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard) AT
Anser albifrons (Greater White-fronted Goose) AT
Aphelocoma coerulescens (Florida Scrub-Jay) EN AT
Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle) AT
Archilochus alexandri (Black-chinned Hummingbird) AT
Ardea alba (Great Egret) AT
Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron) AT
Aythya collaris (Ring-necked Duck) AT
Aythya valisineria (Canvasback) AT
Baeolophus inornatus (Oak Titmouse) AT
Bombycilla cedrorum (Cedar Waxwing) AT
Branta canadensis (Canada Goose) AT
Bubo virginianus (Great Horned Owl) AT
Bucephala clangula (Common Goldeneye) AT
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk) AT
Callipepla californica (Californian Quail) AT
Calypte anna (Anna's Hummingbird) AT
Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture) AT
Catharus guttatus (Hermit Thrush) AT
Catherpes mexicanus (Canyon Wren) AT
Chamaea fasciata (Wrentit) AT
Charadrius vociferus (Killdeer) AT
Chen caerulescens (Snow Goose) AT
Chondestes grammacus (Lark Sparrow) AT
Circus cyaneus (Northern Harrier) AT
Colaptes auratus (Northern Flicker) AT
Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow) AT
Corvus corax (Northern Raven) AT
Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay) AT
Cygnus columbianus (Tundra Swan) AT
Dendrocopos pubescens (Downy Woodpecker) AT
Egretta thula (Snowy Egret) AT
Elanus leucurus (White-tailed Kite) AT
Empidonax oberholseri (Dusky Flycatcher) AT
Eremophila alpestris (Horned Lark) AT
Euphagus cyanocephalus (Brewer's Blackbird) AT
Falco columbarius (Merlin) AT
Falco mexicanus (Prairie Falcon) AT
Falco sparverius (American Kestrel) AT
Gallinago gallinago (Common Snipe) AT
Grus canadensis (Sandhill Crane) AT
Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus (Pinyon Jay) EN AT
Haemorhous mexicanus (House Finch) AT
Haemorhous purpureus (Purple Finch) AT
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle) AT
Hirundo rustica (Barn Swallow) AT
Icteria virens (Yellow-breasted Chat) AT
Icterus galbula (Northern Oriole) AT
Junco hyemalis (Dark-eyed Junco) AT
Lanius ludovicianus (Loggerhead Shrike) AT
Leiothlypis celata (Orange-crowned Warbler) AT
Megaceryle alcyon (Belted Kingfisher) AT
Melanerpes formicivorus (Acorn Woodpecker) AT
Meleagris gallopavo (Wild Turkey) AT
Melospiza melodia (Song Sparrow) AT
Melozone crissalis (California Towhee) AT
Mergus merganser (Common Merganser) AT
Molothrus ater (Brown-headed Cowbird) AT
Myiarchus cinerascens (Ash-throated Flycatcher) AT
Numenius americanus (Long-billed Curlew) AT
Passer domesticus (House Sparrow) AT
Passerculus sandwichensis (Savannah Sparrow) AT
Passerella iliaca (Fox Sparrow) AT
Phasianus colchicus (Ring-necked Pheasant) AT
Pica nuttalli (Yellow-billed Magpie) AT
Picoides nuttallii (Nuttall's Woodpecker) AT
Pipilo erythrophthalmus (Rufous-sided Towhee) AT
Piranga ludoviciana (Western Tanager) AT
Polioptila caerulea (Blue-grey Gnatcatcher) AT
Psaltriparus minimus (Bushtit) AT
Regulus calendula (Ruby-crowned Kinglet) AT
Regulus satrapa (Golden-crowned Kinglet) AT
Salpinctes obsoletus (Rock Wren) AT
Sayornis nigricans (Black Phoebe) AT
Sayornis saya (Say's Phoebe) AT
Setophaga coronata (Yellow-rumped Warbler) AT
Setophaga nigrescens (Black-throated Grey Warbler) AT
Setophaga petechia (Yellow Warbler) AT
Sialia currucoides (Mountain Bluebird) AT
Sialia mexicana (Western Bluebird) AT
Sitta carolinensis (White-breasted Nuthatch) AT
Sphyrapicus ruber (Red-breasted Sapsucker) AT
Spinus psaltria (Lesser Goldfinch) AT
Spinus tristis (American Goldfinch) AT
Stelgidopteryx serripennis (Northern Rough-winged Swallow) AT
Sturnella neglecta (Western Meadowlark) AT
Sturnus vulgaris (European Starling) AT
Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow) AT