Northern Indochina subtropical forests

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Amphibia (amphibians)
Amolops bellulus AT
Amolops chunganensis (Chungan Sucker Frog) AT
Amolops marmoratus AT
Amolops ricketti (Chinese Sucker Frog) AT
Amolops tuberodepressus (Mount Wuliang Sucker Frog) EN
Amolops viridimaculatus AT
Bombina maxima (Giant fire-bellied toad) AT
Brachytarsophrys feae AT
Bufo gargarizans (Asiatic Toad) AT
Bufo pageoti (Toad) AT
Calluella yunnanensis (Yunnan Squat Frog) AT
Chiromantis doriae AT
Chiromantis vittatus AT
Cynops cyanurus (Blue-tailed fire-bellied newt)
Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Black-spectacled Toad) AT
Feihyla palpebralis AT
Fejervarya limnocharis (Indian Rice Frog) AT
Gracixalus gracilipes AT
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus (Chinese Edible Frog) AT
Hyla annectans (Assam tree frog) AT
Hylarana cubitalis (Siam Frog; Black-eared Frog) AT
Hylarana guentheri (Günther's frog) AT
Hylarana macrodactyla (Long-toed Slender Frog) AT
Hylarana maosonensis (Mao-Son Frog) AT
Hylarana milleti AT
Hylarana nigrovittata (Sapgreen Stream Frog) AT
Hylarana taipehensis AT
Ichthyophis bannanicus (Banna Caecilian) AT
Ichthyophis kohtaoensis (Yellow-striped caecilian) AT
Ichthyophis laosensis (Upper Laos Caecilian)
Ingerana liui (Menglun Eastern Frog) AT
Ingerophrynus macrotis AT
Kalophrynus interlineatus (Spotted narrowmouth frog) AT
Kalophrynus menglienicus AT
Kaloula pulchra (Malaysian narrowmouth toad) AT
Kaloula verrucosa (Chinese Narrowmouth Toad) AT
Kurixalus odontotarsus AT
Leptobrachium ailaonicum (echinata spiny toad) EN AT
Leptobrachium chapaense (Chapa Spadefoot Toad) AT
Leptolalax alpinus (Alpine Asian toad) AT
Leptolalax bourreti AT
Leptolalax pelodytoides (Thao Asian Toad) AT
Leptolalax ventripunctatus AT
Limnonectes hascheanus (Penang Taylor's Frog) AT
Limnonectes kuhlii (Kuhl's Wart Frog) AT
Microhyla berdmorei (Pegu Rice Frog) AT
Microhyla butleri (Butler's rice frog) AT
Microhyla heymonsi (Taiwan Rice Frog) AT
Microhyla ornata (Frog) AT
Microhyla pulchra (Chinese small-mouthed frog) AT
Micryletta inornata (Deli Little Pygmy Frog) AT
Nanorana aenea (Doichang Frog) AT
Nanorana arnoldi AT
Nanorana delacouri
Nanorana maculosa (Piebald Paa frog) EN AT
Nanorana unculuanus (Yunnan Asian frog) EN AT
Nanorana yunnanensis (Yunnan Paa Frog) EN AT
Occidozyga lima (Java Frog) AT
Occidozyga martensii (Martens' Oriental Frog) AT
Odorrana andersonii (Anderson's Frog) AT
Odorrana chapaensis (Chapa Torrent Frog) AT
Odorrana grahami (Yunnanfu Frog) AT
Odorrana jingdongensis (Jingdong Frog) EN AT
Odorrana livida (Green Cascade Frog) AT
Odorrana nasica (Long-snout Torrent Frog) AT
Odorrana tiannanensis (Tiannan Odorous Frog) AT
Ophryophryne microstoma (Asian Mountain Toad) AT
Ophryophryne pachyproctus AT
Oreolalax granulosus (Yunnan lazy toad) EN AT
Oreolalax jingdongensis (Jingdong Lazy Toad) EN AT
Pelophylax lateralis (Kokarit Pond Frog) AT
Pelophylax nigromaculatus (Dark-spotted Frog) AT
Philautus longchuanensis (Longshuan Bubble-nest Frog)
Philautus menglaensis
Philautus parvulus (Karin Bubble-nest Frog)
Polypedates leucomystax (Bamboo tree frog) AT
Polypedates megacephalus (Hong Kong Whipping Frog) AT
Polypedates mutus (Burmese Whipping Frog) AT
Quasipaa boulengeri (Boulenger's Paa frog) EN AT
Quasipaa spinosa (Giant spiny Paa frog) EN AT
Rana chaochiaoensis (Chaochiao Brown Frog) AT
Rana johnsi (John's Groove-toed Frog) AT
Theloderma bicolor (Chapa bug-eyed frog) EN AT
Tylototriton verrucosus (Mandarin salamander) AT
Xenophrys daweimontis AT
Xenophrys gigantica (Great piebald horned toad) AT
Xenophrys major (Anderson's Spadefoot Toad) AT
Xenophrys minor (Kwangshien spadefoot toad) AT
Xenophrys omeimontis (Mount Omei Spadefoot Toad) EN AT
Xenophrys palpebralespinosa (Tonkin Spadefoot Toad) AT
Xenophrys parva (Burmese Spadefoot Toad) AT
Xenophrys wuliangshanensis (Wuliangshan Horned Toad) AT
Aves (birds)
Abroscopus albogularis (Rufous-faced Warbler) AT
Abroscopus schisticeps (Black-faced Warbler) AT
Abroscopus superciliaris (Yellow-belled Warbler) AT
Accipiter badius (Shikra) AT
Accipiter gentilis (Northern Goshawk) AT
Accipiter gularis (Japanese Sparrowhawk) AT
Accipiter nisus (Eurasian Sparrowhawk) AT
Accipiter soloensis (Gray Frog-Hawk) AT