Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa

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Amphibia (amphibians)
Afrixalus aureus (Golden Banana Frog) AT
Afrixalus delicatus (Pickersgill's Banana Frog) AT
Afrixalus fornasini (Brown-striped spiny reed frog) AT
Afrixalus stuhlmanni (Lesser Banana Frog) EN AT
Afrixalus uluguruensis (Uluguru Banana Frog) EN AT
Amietia angolensis (Common River Frog) AT
Amietophrynus brauni (Dead-leaf Toad) AT
Amietophrynus garmani (Eastern Olive Toad) AT
Amietophrynus gutturalis (Gutteral Toad) AT
Amietophrynus maculatus (Hallowell's toad) AT
Amietophrynus steindachneri AT
Amietophrynus xeros (Subdesert Toad) AT
Arthroleptis affinis (Frog) EN AT
Arthroleptis stenodactylus (Frog) AT
Arthroleptis xenodactyloides (Dwarf Squeaker) AT
Boulengerula changamwensis (Changamwensis African Caecilian) EN AT
Breviceps adspersus (Rain frog) AT
Breviceps mossambicus (Mozambique rain frog) AT
Callulina kreffti (Krefft's Secret Frog) AT
Chiromantis kelleri AT
Chiromantis xerampelina (Grey tree frog) AT
Hemisus guineensis (Frog) AT
Hemisus marmoratus (Mottled shovel-nosed frog) AT
Hildebrandtia macrotympanum AT
Hildebrandtia ornata (African Ornate Frog) AT
Hoplophryne uluguruensis (African Banana Frog) EN AT
Hylarana galamensis AT
Hyperolius acuticeps (Sharp-headed Long Reed Frog) AT
Hyperolius argus (Reed frog) AT
Hyperolius glandicolor AT
Hyperolius kihangensis (African reed frog) EN AT
Hyperolius mariae AT
Hyperolius marmoratus (Sedge frog) AT
Hyperolius mitchelli (Mitchell's Reed Frog) AT
Hyperolius parkeri AT
Hyperolius puncticulatus (Reed frog) EN AT
Hyperolius pusillus (Dwarf Reed Frog) AT
Hyperolius quadratomaculatus
Hyperolius reesi (Magombero Reed Frog)
Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus (Reed frog) EN AT
Hyperolius sheldricki AT
Hyperolius spinigularis (Mulanje Reed Frog) EN AT
Hyperolius tuberilinguis (Yellow-green reed frog) AT
Kassina maculata (Spotted running frog) AT
Kassina senegalensis (Running frog) AT
Kassina somalica AT
Leptopelis argenteus AT
Leptopelis barbouri (Barbour's forest treefrog) AT
Leptopelis concolor (Triad tree frog) AT
Leptopelis flavomaculatus (Johnston's tree frog) AT
Leptopelis mossambicus (Brown-backed Tree Frog) AT
Leptopelis parkeri (Parker's Forest Treefrog) EN AT
Leptopelis vermiculatus (Big-eyed tree frog) EN AT
Mertensophryne howelli EN AT
Mertensophryne lindneri AT
Mertensophryne loveridgei (Mahenge Toad) AT
Mertensophryne micranotis (Toad) AT
Mertensophryne taitana AT
Nectophrynoides viviparus (Toad) AT
Petropedetes yakusini (Southern torrent frog) EN AT
Phrynobatrachus acridoides (Small puddle frog) AT
Phrynobatrachus mababiensis (Mababe River Frog) AT
Phrynobatrachus minutus AT
Phrynobatrachus natalensis (Puddle frog) AT
Phrynobatrachus pakenhami (Pakenham's river frog) EN AT
Phrynomantis bifasciatus (Red-banded frog) AT
Poyntonophrynus beiranus (Beira Toad) AT
Poyntonophrynus lughensis AT
Probreviceps macrodactylus (Usambara Big-fingered Frog) EN AT
Probreviceps rungwensis (rungwensis big-fingered frog) EN AT
Ptychadena anchietae (Savanna ridged frog) AT
Ptychadena gansi AT
Ptychadena guibei AT
Ptychadena mascareniensis (Mascarene frog) AT
Ptychadena mossambica (Mozambique Grassland Frog) AT
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus (Sharp-nosed ridged frog) AT
Ptychadena schillukorum (Schilluk Ridged Frog) AT
Ptychadena taenioscelis (Spotted-throat ridged frog) AT
Pyxicephalus edulis (Edible bullfrog) AT
Schismaderma carens (Red toad) AT
Schistometopum gregorii (Flood-plain-dwelling Caecilian) AT
Scolecomorphus kirkii (Kirk's Caecilian) AT
Spelaeophryne methneri (African Striped Frog) AT
Tomopterna cryptotis (Catequero bullfrog) AT
Aves (birds)
Accipiter badius (Shikra) AT
Accipiter melanoleucus (Black Sparrowhawk) AT
Accipiter minullus (Little Sparrowhawk) AT
Accipiter tachiro (African Goshawk) AT
Acrocephalus arundinaceus (Great Reed Warbler) AT
Acrocephalus gracilirostris (Lesser Swamp Warbler) AT
Acrocephalus griseldis (Basra Reed Warbler) EN AT
Acrocephalus palustris (Marsh Warbler) AT
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus (Sedge Warbler) AT
Acrocephalus scirpaceus (Eurasian Reed Warbler) AT
Acryllium vulturinum (Vulturine Guineafowl) AT
Actitis hypoleucos (Common Sandpiper) AT
Actophilornis africanus (African Jacana) AT
Aenigmatolimnas marginalis (Striped Crake) AT
Alcedo cristata (Malachite Kingfisher) AT
Alcedo semitorquata (Half-collared Kingfisher) AT